Austrailers is a supplier of more than just trailers. We sell every kind of accessory that a new trailer owner would need. Browse through our selection of fine products below.

Mesh Cages

Mesh cages are essential for any trip where an air flow is essential, such as transporting livestock. Our mesh cages are available for all trailer sizes, with a standard height running at either 600 or 900 millimetres. Their 4-piece design makes these cages simple for one person to set up or dismantle at a moment’s notice. You’ll also appreciate the durability of the cage’s painted frame and galvanised mesh, and at an additional cost, we’ll be glad to throw in a canvas or PVC cover for extra protection on the road.


Moving cargo in and out of your trailer has never been easier thanks to our ramps. Available in hinged rear or removable split models, these ramps can be made to order for a better fit to your trailer’s length and weight limit. And because they’re made from steel or aluminium, you can be sure that these products are strong enough to handle any load.

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are a must for any working pickup, providing security and stability for all equipment inside the trailer. Available in all sizes, these racks can be either removable or fixed, as well as custom-built to suit the height of your vehicle.


No tradesman is complete with his toolbox, and fortunately for him, the kind we offer are so convenient that you can mount them on the draw bar or the side of your trailer. Each box is custom-built for a heavy-built design, guaranteeing a long shelf life and excellent transport for all your tools. Toolboxes come in either checker plate steel, flat steel or aluminium.

New Wheels & Tyres

Austrailers is proud to offer its line of new Sunraisers wheels, outfitted with new LT tyres for optimal performance on the road. We hope to match these wheels to every kind of trailer vehicle, so we offer them in Ford, Holden or Landcruiser patterns. These wheels and tyres are available in sizes ranging from 14 to 16 inches, and in colours ranging from fine white to a black powder-coated finish.

LED Lights

Globe-style lighting is becoming a thing of the past. LED lights are the smart way to go, being more reliable, much brighter and easier to maintain. These lights are weather-sealed and waterproof, enduring the worst of Australian weather conditions. Not only are they available in different shapes and sizes, but we can provide different energy options, including the standard 12-volt model or a multi-volt setup.

Keep Moving Forward with Our Quality Trailers

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